Monday, January 07, 2008

It's the girl in the front..

So 4 years and 6 issues of Mighty Avengers later (I'm estimating how long it's taken Frank Cho to finish these six issues), Bendis' ridiculous re-imagining of the "thought bubble" finally gives us two panels with insight into the characters' thoughts that were worth wasting all our time over.

Mighty Avengers 006_somethingfurywouldsay

Mighty Avengers 006_crucifyyouinthestreets

Let us all thank Mr. Bendis.

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Mr. Joe said...

Man oh man, the writing just kills me with that comic.

Each page is like endless deja vu.

Thought - "I think I know what to do"
Spoken - "I know what to do!"

Thought- "Where the hell is he going?"
Spoken - "Where are you going!?

Perhaps in Bendis's world all of his characters work on a time delay, not unlike how the pain receptors on a dinosaur would take moments to travel up through its body to it's brain.

Here's one of my all time favorite thought quotes:

"There's a mythological god of war... in my face!"

That is all.