Friday, January 11, 2008

Best of 2007 : New Avengers #34

Instead of trying to come up with some kind of comprehensive list, I thought I'd just take a moment or two here and there to talk about some of my favorite books or moments from 2007.

New Avengers #34
I've enlisted the help of everyone's favorite wall-crawler and current New Avenger, Spider-Man to help me talk about why this issue was one of the best of 2007.
(To help keep things straight Spidey's commentary will be italicized.)

So Spidey, what was so great about this issue?

Come on, Pete, what about when you confessed to being all Skrully?

Oh yeah. Heh. I guess that was pretty funny.
Why am I walking around with my mask off?

Or when we found out Luke and Jessica named their baby after Iron Fist? Wasn't that heartwarming and sweet? I mean, look at how happy Iron Fist is.
Yeah, I guess that was pretty nice.
Danny was pretty much bursting with pride.
Danny Partridge, I mean.
Of course.

Or what about when he and Dr. Strange were talking about their eventual replacements?
Haha! I'd forgotten about that.. they had a little moment, didn't they?
I've told both of them it could be a lot worse.
They could be replaced by a clone in a sleeveless sweatshirt?

Speaking of clothes, or a lack thereof, how about Hawkeye and Echo's shower scene?

Listen, bud, I have no idea what you're talking about. I'm a happily married man.
Yeah, about that..
Moving on, it was pretty nice when you guys finally came together as a team again.
I gotta say I did feel pretty inspired after that.

So, all in all, a pretty great issue, eh?
Hey waitaminit!
You forgot the best part!
I did? Which part was that?
Allow me..
There you have it, folks!
New Avengers #34. One of the best comics of 2007.
Funny, heartwarming, inspiring genital mutilation for the whole family!
I'd like to give a very special thanks to the spectacular, the sensational, the amazing Spider-Man for his help.
Everybody gets one, kid.
I'll see the rest of you next time.

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