Monday, September 24, 2007

Who's here?

I was out way too late last night drinking gin and singing karaoke with some of my fellow Legionnaires.
I got like two hours of sleep before I had to drag my ass to work, head still slightly swimmy with alcohols.
I feel not so great.
But I will push on, for you, and update.

And now for what I'd like to call, "A Series of Images Illustrating Why You Should Be Buying Invincible".

The following panels are all from Invincible #45.
As always, click the pictures for a closer look.

Nolan's growing as a person. I mean, seriously, look at this guy's character arc from issue one to now. From Superman archetype to murderer to traitor to planetary savior to deserter to prisoner.. and that's leaving out a lot and doing what I did mention no justice whatsoever.

Allen the Alien is one of the most likeable characters in comics. Ever.

Look at him playing possum!

And most importantly..
Inter-species bred, super-powered, purple alien children in this comic use correct grammar.

Know what else is incredibly impressive?
None of these images featured the star of the comic.
Robert Kirkman has created a wealth of supporting and secondary characters and then fleshed them out so deftly that this book could easily be Mark Grayson-less for months without losing any momentum.
Well, that's what I think at least.

UPDATE : I forgot to mention that none of this book's greatness would be possible if not for how well Mr. Ryan Ottley draws the thing month in and month out. The guy does big time comic action, unbelieveably brutal violence, humor, tender emotional moments, and all points between in equal levels of absolute awesomeness.

So there you have it.
Go buy Invincible!


Sean George said...

You know I agree, I just wanted to let the people know that the comic store guy agrees.

chrishaley said...

See! That's the kind of attitude I'm looking for around here!

josh said...

sounds like a cool comic. i sadly live nowhere near a comic store and have fallen out of the habit of collecting.

however, i have made some good purchases over the last few days that i will share with you here:

1. monster squad special edition DVD - amazing movie that i'd never seen all the way through until i bought it. and i did so because of positive word of mouth (your being near the top).

2. dethklok - dethalbum - pretty brutal and awesome and all around dethtastic.

3. tickets to see SINBAD. what can i say? he's a funny guy.