Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Give your soul to us..

It's kinda Starro-esque.
It's kinda Starro-esque.
This is what happens when I draw something without thinking too hard about what it's actually supposed to look like.

I have a mini-comic to finish, but after that or in addition to it, I have a big undertaking I've been thinking about doing for a long time that I think I'm going to have to finally start. I think my hand may be forced.


jason quinones said...

i like it! i like the roughness of the ink edges along with the simple coloring,but it doesn't look flat at all. very 3-d

so yeah i've been skulking around your blog for awhile and just thought i'd say "yo!"

like that you constantly update it!

...i might also have to check out that thor issue!

Curt Franklin said...

What the? A mystery project? Chris have been keeping secrets from me?

Joel Priddy said...

Color me intrigued!

Or mauve. Either one.