Thursday, September 27, 2007

Just one more kick..

Ping Pong Poster
So, I never saw that awful looking Balls of Fury movie, but Tuesday night I did watch Ping Pong.
As you might already know, table tennis is a big deal in Japan.
That poster might make the movie seem kinda silly, and parts of it are, but it's more a "coming to terms with who you are / what friendship means / light drama" kind of movie than a comedy.
I can fly!
Anyway, the point is I really liked it.
While I was watching it I found myself thinking, "I'm going to have to do some fan-art for this to put on the blog."
Here is that fan-art.
Ping Pong : Enter the Hero!
This is the main character, Peco.

My goal when drawing this was to get it done as quickly as possible without too much thinking so that I could go to bed. To that end, my goal was accomplished.
His arm is intentionally very long, but (stylistic choice or not) I think I went a little too far with it.

I'd be lying if I said I hadn't already started thinking about doing more fan-art with this movie's characters.

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