Friday, September 28, 2007

We're a totem pole..

The most bizarre commercial for a razor I've ever seen.

I'd also like to let everyone (specifically Curt and Joe) know that I finally got around to reading JLA/Hitman #1.

It was okay.

Wonder Woman Jumper
Check out
this girl's awesome Wonder Woman sweater!
It only took her 14 months to make it.


Joel Priddy said...

Aw, maaaaaan... now I gotta learn to knit sweaters.

chrishaley said...

Yeah, I was hoping that would be your response.
I'll be faxing you my measurements in a few minutes.

Sean George said...

Chris, call Joel by his new nickname: J-Prid.

josh said...

wow. that was a really... strange commercial.

Curt Franklin said...

What a bad review of JLA/Hitman #1.

Bad, just like you!

yes, burn

chrishaley said...

Sean - Will do.

chrishaley said...

Josh - No joke, right?

chrishaley said...

Curt - It just didn't do much for me. I didn't hate it, but the art just really left me cold.
I'm still holding out hope for the second issue to really wow me.