Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Last call for votes.

Shane whipped this up last night.
In 30 minutes no less.
Whatta guy.

Today is the final day of voting for Round 2, so if you or someone you know haven't made it to the polls yet, now is the time.


april said...

wow. kickass.

am i going to have to make some bots or something to ensure your victory?
'cause i mean, i totally will.

chrishaley said...

No, I'll be psyched for Joel and Dean if they win too.
I feel like I'll have a team to really root for either way.

april said...

i know. me, too. and besides, i don't even know what a bot is.

not to mention i don't want joel (or dean either, for that matter) to come after me in the night. those guys don't mess around.