Monday, September 08, 2008

Take me down..

I saw just now that Super Punch linked to this picture yesterday, and though it is awesome, the real reason I decided to post about it is because I SAW A DELOREAN ON MY WAY TO WORK TODAY!

Dude was all drivin' hella fast like he had somewhere to be.
It was pretty much as awesome as you would have hoped for it to be.


april said...

what?! i bet they were trying to go meet elvis. IN THE PAST!!!!

M.Sea said...

Yeah, having a Delorean would be awesome.

Curt Franklin said...

i don't think you're allowed to own a delorean unless you have a drug problem and plan on driving it over the speed limit all the time

jason quinones said...

he was driver to meet his coke dealer and was already 30 years too late!!!

chrishaley said...

Jason - That nearly made me spit Pepsi on my keyboard.

jason quinones said...

you're welcome!

Joel Priddy said...

This summer I was driving on 95 just outside of Manhattan, when a Delorean passed me. And then another. And another. Five Deloreans in a row.

Or five time-echoes of one Delorean.

chrishaley said...

April - You are funny.

chrishaley said...

M. - Basically.

Dylan said...

Totally not interesting to anyone but me but Gruff Rhys (of Super Furry Animals) has a side project called Neon Neon who just put out a concept album about John DeLorean called Stainless Style.

I included the track "I Told Her On Alderaan" on a recent BRR Bonus Mix, titled N E O N which you can download here.

I promise this wasn't total plug for my mix.

Okay. Maybe it was a little.

chrishaley said...

Curt - Yeah, it's part of the purchasing process.
Lookin' at the form.
Little box with "Drug Problem" next to it.
Little box next to "Planning to always drive hella reckless".

chrishaley said...

Joel - You completely win.
Because that is awesome.
That is why.

chrishaley said...

Dylan - Quite interesting to me.