Wednesday, September 10, 2008

All lines to the living...

Via Newsarama : "More specifically Bendis went on to say the post-Invasion Marvel Universe will feature a complete change in his Avengers family of titles, including Bendis leaving Mighty Avengers with issue #20 and the launch of a new title Dark Avengers, with art by Mike Deodato."

Via my brain : "HAHAHAHA!"
Even moreso after reading this rather intelligent proposal to get comics back to the glory days. And I don't mean the 90s.


Dylan said...

Is this for reals? You're joking, right? I'm beginning to think that Bendis is a Skrull. Is this the same guy who wrote all those amazing issues of Daredevil?

chrishaley said...

Dylan - Exactly! I mean, come on!

jason quinones said...

i'm guessing the dark avengers line up might go something like this

ghost rider
wolverine (of fucking course!)

any other guy whose name has the words "death" or "kill" in it

and some scantilly clad gun,knife and other phallic weapon wielding lady with weapons of massively destructive (and distractive) boobies!

chrishaley said...

Jason - I'm starting on the fan-art as we speak.

Dylan said...

I'm really hoping the LHC fails and we get sucked into a miniature black hole soon, because between the idiocy of modern comicbookery and the idiocy surrounding the presidential race, I don't know how much more idiocy I can take.

jason quinones said...

dylan-i'm wiling to bet any money that that LHC doohickey is just a jacked up uber-microwave!!

and i'm ready to write off both parties and just vote for hector elizondo mountain dew camacho!!

or pedro.

chrishaley said...

Dylan - Man, when you said it you really said it.