Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Never forget..

I've been doing some research, and it turns out something like 80% of all the cool websites about comics are all by the same guy.

That guy's name is Rob.
Just when I think I've seen all the sites about Aquaman or Slurpee Cups this guy could possibly come up with, some other site will link to something that links to somewhere that will invariably lead me to some undiscovered (by me) site of Rob's that's basically about something I love.
Today I discovered his shrine to the digest sized comics of my childhood.
I absolutely love these old digests because much of the groundwork for all of my knowledge of the superheroes and comics I love today was laid by these inexpensive little collections relatives would buy for me at the grocery store or Walgreen's on the way out of town to read in the car.
Was that a ridiculous run-on sentence? Yes, it was. Sorry.
These little collections contain some of the earliest stories I ever remember reading of my favorite 4-Color Champions.
I actually had the one pictured here and I remember having no idea what was going on in most of it, but I knew that the ideas being put forth were obviously pretty awesome.
And after reading Final Crisis : Superman Beyond 3D #1, I think Grant may have thought the same thing.

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