Thursday, February 14, 2008

You're invincible!

Who knew Superman riding a red dinosaur would someday be declared so universally awesome?

I did.
That's why when the incredible Jon Morris says he will draw something for you, you have to swing for the fences and ask him to draw Superman riding Jack Kirby's Devil Dinosaur.
And that's just what I did last year.

So, on Monday I told you about this awesome post that Thomas at Say It Backwards had put up about the greatest thing ever purchased for $3.
Well, apparently the person responsible for a blog I love, Super Punch, stopped by in time to catch it.
I'm to understand it started making it's way around to other blogs as well as making a monumentous appearance on another site I love, Neatorama.
Then thanks to Neatorama, it managed to find it's way to Newsarama's blog!
Even though the Newsarama one didn't link back here or anything, it was still really exciting to think that I helped something get to that point.
And I've had a ton of new traffic here today thanks to the ones that did "via" Hip Today.
Maybe some of them will even visit again someday!

See Thomas, I told you SIB was awesome. Aren't you glad you came back to us?
Impossibles continue to be conquered!


jason quinones said...

cool! i have to go to newsarama now and see what those guys wrote there!

when i clicked on the "on monday i told you" link and saw the justice hero league post again,the fine tune music selector thingy triumphantly played the a-team theme song!

every good bootleg superhero team needs to steal there own superhero theme song!

chrishaley said...

Jason - Haha! Excellent. Yes, that is perfect.

John said...

It was an awesome find, I had to share it.

Superman riding a dinosaur should definitely become a new meme!

april said...

uh, did you just use "via" as a verb, chris? i am calling the grammar police right now.

Doc Shaner said...


chrishaley said...

Evan - Yes. Yes, you do. And then you have to send it to me, because it is my deal. I will add it to the collection that I am calling "The Completely Awesome Collection".
I've got a ton more to post by some of the greatest artists in the world.. or greatest to me at least, because they drew Superman riding Devil Dinosaur for me.