Tuesday, February 12, 2008

They're watchin' every single thing you say..

For those of you that are interested, here are the comics (and comic related items) due to ship this week that I'm interested in obtaining or at least checking out.

Goon #21
Hellboy Novel Emerald Hell

American Virgin #23*
Bat Lash #3
Booster Gold #0
Connor Hawke Dragons Blood TP
Countdown To Final Crisis #11
DC Minimates Wave Seven*
Green Arrow Black Canary #5
Green Lantern Corps #21
Legion Of Super Heroes In The 31st Century #11
Showcase Presents Enemy Ace TP Vol 1
Superman #673
Time Masters TP
Tiny Titans #1*
Wonder Woman #17

Awesome Indie Spinner Rack Anthology Vol 1 TP

Jellaby GN Vol 01*

Brit #4*
Jack Staff #14
Walking Dead #46

Amazing Spider-Man #550 BND
Captain Marvel #3
Fantastic Four #554
Fantastic Four Lost Adventure
Iron Man Enter Mandarin #5*
New Avengers #38
Nova Annual #1
Punisher War Journal #16
Spider-Man Family #7
Ultimate Spider-Man HC Vol 9

* = Asterisks (for me) mean extra awesome

And since this is essentially a nothing post, I will offset it with an Achewood that always, always makes me laugh.

I would sincerely love to own all of those shirts.
I think they do a fantastic job of capturing my own world view at the moment.


thomas said...

You're still reading Countdown? What's that like these days?

chrishaley said...

Thomas - Whoa, whoa, whoa! Let's not get crazy here. I wouldn't say what I'm doing could really be called reading. I am flipping through it casually at the store though looking for the best worst lines. Like that issue a week or two ago where Superboy/man Prime said he was going to kill Monarch to death. I can get behind that kind of absurd awfulness.
To really answer your question though, things do seem to be ramping up and not feeling like such a waste of time.. but it all still feels very much like a waste of time. To me at least. But with each issue that passes we get one week closer to FINAL CRISIS, which I think is going to be fantastic.