Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I'm a weapon of mass destruction..

Of course, no sooner did I post that other version of this picture that I noticed all the things I needed to fix.
So here is the fixed version.
I'm much happier with it.
I hope you are too.

While I'm talking about young Superman, I might as well mention the Legion of Super Heroes cartoon again.
It really is quite fun, even if it did give us Superman X.
Also, it's helping to fuel Thomas' Terra-Man obsession.


jason quinones said...

no plush crossbow??

no plush dinosaur companion??

chrishaley said...

Damn you, Jason!
You know I have other things to do!

thomas said...

I'm not obsessed! I just likes him is all. Now I'm off to finish the script to the 27th issue of the long running series I plan to pitch to DC.

chrishaley said...

Thomas - Just let me know when I can start bugging my LCS to reserve my multiple double-bagged copies of the first issue.