Thursday, May 31, 2007

How do you grow up normal?

Here's some quick assorted awesomeness.

The Mach 5
The Mach 5 from The Wachowskis upcoming live-action Speed Racer flick.

Star Wars Stamps
The USPS' upcoming Star Wars stamps.

Princess Leia by Adam Hughes
Here's an Adam Hughes, art nouveau, Star Wars Celebration IV exclusive, Princess Leia print.
These are already going for over $100 on the ebay.

Zombie Daredevil and Giant-Man Minimates.

SDCC exclusives. I'll be there to get mine.


josh said...

mach five! go speed go!

chrishaley said...

Yeah, that's pretty much exactly what I was hoping it would look like.

josh said...

well, at this point, this and Iron Man are shaping up to be quite possibly the most loyal film transfers ever. just imagine if that was some sort of new concept pontiac or something instead of the real mach five. thank you, wachowski bros.

Lighthouse Pilot said...

I second that. Thanks Wachowski brothers!

Though, I dunno how I feel about John Goodman as Pops racer and Susan
Mom Racer. Does anyone else remember Mom Racer?? I sure don't. I mean...I think I remember her picture in the end credits, but I don't actually remember her being in an episode.

josh said...

maybe she dies tragically in the opening moments of the film, causing speed to want to... um, race.