Sunday, May 27, 2007

Memphis Zombie Walk.

I'm the zombie with a beard and a red shirt and April is right behind me at the 0:29 mark.

April and I shuffle by around the 0:23 mark on this one.
Joel shows up around 0:31.


We shamble by a number of times in this one, most notably around 2:39.

And, if you've got 9 minutes to kill here's a neat little documentary about the whole thing.


april said...

man, i wish i could watch these at work. if i'd realized we were in all of these i would've watched them instead of just going to bed last night.

tara said...

that's real awesome! good for yall for participating!

Ellis said...

That's my bloodsucking brotherhood! Sorry to have missed the twitching, limping, moaning, bleeding, and general menacing. Next bloodbath, count me in!