Monday, May 28, 2007

It seemed like a plan.

Them streets are filled with rage.
Here's the rough pencils of the first panel of the Streets of Rage comic Curt and I did for Life Meter Comics.

All of three of those are actual SOR characters. We did our research.

Last week really, really sucked, but starting with that Zombie Walk on Friday, life took a dramatic upswing.
Met new people, got to spend good time(s) with not new people, ate barbeque, saw a Jesus picture and a tiger costume, drank Gatorade, had awesome housing prospects present themselves, and had a great "comics making group" (we haven 't decided on a team name yet) meeting filled with fun and future prospects.
I want things to continue on in this fashion if the universe doesn't mind.


octave said...

The universe called and said it doesn't mind.

also, that is a picture from a comic that we created

how cool is that.

chrishaley said...

It's funny, when you say it, it sounds a lot cooler to me than when I say it.

april said...

i'm glad you no longer gots depression. i was beginning to think i'd have to buy you that superman suit.

chrishaley said...

Shit, I mean, I gots lots of depressions.

april said...


Joel Priddy said...

What do you mean the group doesn't have a name? I've already had "Team Geek" stationary printed up!

chrishaley said...

Team Geek makes us sound like a Mathlympics group.

Joel Priddy said...

Yeah, 'cuz we're so above that.

chrishaley said...

Man, are you kidding?
We're Awesome As Hell.

Plus, I'm bad at math.

I just don't feel like "Team Geek" accurately sums up our stated goals and superness.
You know, it's like we're a really super group of friends.
A group of friends that are really super, in our friendness and friendliness.