Monday, June 04, 2007

Dollar trades near four-month high.

So, some things were either made known to me or realized by me today.

1) If I'm ever asked in a trivial fashion what Green Lantern's weakness is, I now have a much better answer than the one you're thinking of.

2) People are much more interested in reading cute girls' blogs than mine or any other guy's.

3) Dorothy (as in Judy Garland). Really quite attractive. I wouldn't go so far as to say "hot", but.. kinda hot.


april said...

what's green lantern's weakness?

april said...

is it the ladies?

josh said...

i gotta go with april. he makes out with pretty much anything, right?

also, i enjoy reading your blog just fine. i wish you updated it hourly, but that's really my own complaint.

chrishaley said...

Josh - I assure you, I'd be happy to make that happen if there were a few more of you out there.
It's hard to justify putting too much work into it if no one's reading it, you know?
I'm hoping to continue growing the audience and as it grows, so will the frequency of the updates and the amounts of original content.
That seems like a reasonable plan at least.

josh said...

indeed it does. or i could just clone myself. whatever works.

Lighthouse Pilot said...

I'm the absolute last guy who could ever harrass someone into updating their blog more frequently...seriously. Take your time, sir. It's quality we're after...not quantity. But then again...what do I know about blog etiquitte?