Monday, December 15, 2008

I'd like to give you a surprise..

For those of you who perhaps did not read the Secret Invasion : Dark Reign One-Shot I reviewed last week and thought I was perhaps exaggerating about how prominently (and ridiculously) featured breasts were throughout the story I decided to go back and add googly-eyes for comedic effect to every panel that seemed to feature a character staring at the chesticological region of Emma Frost.

Let's see what we came up with..

Sigh. Oh, smelly, ugly Namor. You wouldn't catch Aquaman oogling Wonder Woman like that.
But then again, since she can read your mind and already knew what you were thinking, I guess there's no reason not to be obvious.

You know that saying, "Watch where you're pointing that thing"?
At least no one can accuse The Hood of not following that advice.

This one may be my favorite because with the addition of the googly-eyes, it seems as though Dr. Doom is delivering these lines to Emma's chest.

The Hood has to get in one last ogle before he leaves the meeting.

It seems even Emma herself is not immune to her chest's charms.

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