Tuesday, May 27, 2008

We gotta love to live..

You got the power!

This is how I waste both of our time.
I drew Green Lantern at a bar.

I'm sorry.


jason quinones said...

bloggers's being a total fuckin douche today!

this is my 4th attempt at commenting!! that's how much i care!

anyway,this looks great!

jason quinones said...

hoorah! it woiked!

4th time's the charm!

M.Sea said...

I was looking at your picture like, "Hey, that Green Lantern looks familiar...", but of course it does, you began drawing it a few weeks ago at the Vault. Hey, at least you did something more constructive than just drunken karaoke.

chrishaley said...

Jason - Your enthusiasm and perseverence are much appreciated.

chrishaley said...

M. - Is there anything more constructive than drunken karaoke?

M.Sea said...

Since I don't drink, I'll say...sober karaoke?