Thursday, May 29, 2008

And I'm still sittin' here..


I know things have been a little slow over there (and here) lately, but check this entry from my "chrishaley loves comics every day" series out and then head over to D:B!.

Day Thirty-Seven!

In case you have been (living under a rock, that is), this week is the start of DC's Final Crisis! I'm rather excited about this comic, but what's even more exciting about this week at your LCS is the fact that it's Grant Morrison Does DC Week!

Not only is he responsible (on the writing end) for Final Crisis #1, but this week also sees the release of part two of his Batman R.I.P. story.

And, as if that weren't enough to slake your thirst for funnybooks penned by Scottish madmen, the next to last issue of the best comic in the universe, All Star Superman, is out this week as well!

It sure is, Lex. It sure is.


jason quinones said...

next to last issue! really? was it intended to be a short run series? it's like 10 or 12 issues done by now right? i've read lots of positive reviews of the title but never picked it up just becuase i was never the biggest superman fan really. sorry chris. i'm more of a batman guy when it comes to dc comics.

i guess i'll pick this up in a complete trade someday. the art does look AMAZING in it.

Dylan said...

Jason, A*S was always intended to be a 12 issue series, (or at least run, though why would you even bother trying to follow up after Morrison and Quitely hit it out of the solar system on this one? Seriously, it's like saying "I see you ate your entire juicy steak. Still hungry? Can I interest you in some pig intestines we found laying in a puddle of radioactive hobo vomit in the alley? They're only half-eaten by those diseased rats we found feasting and copulating on it."), with the whole "12 Labors Of Superman" being the rationale behind it.

If you haven't been checking it out, you really, really should. It's easily the best comic book on the stands out now. Totally flawlesss.


And I don't even really love Supes, either. Well, I do now, but you know what I mean.

And Chris, it is a great day to be a Grant Morrison fan. I even went to the comic book store and bought comic books. Which happens about as regularly as something that is not at all regular. Sorry, I choked there. The funny hiccuped. I'll get a doctor to look at it.