Thursday, May 29, 2008

The farmer takes a wife..

Dreams come to life in steps.
Curt's up next.
Maggie is awesome for making these for us.

MoCCA is next weekend!
I'm hell of stressed trying to get everything all wrapped up and finished and figured out. I'm also crazy busy at work. All of this is to say I'm having a hard time finding time or energy to post. I apologize. I've really been wanting to keep everyone more up to date on what all has been going on with our comic, but I've been too busy doing stuff for it.

Actual panel from Let's Be Friends Again : The Mini-Comic.

A few things...
- Our new site will be up and at least walking soon. This blog will of course remain in action as it has for going on 6 years, but the new site will be where our comic adventures will continue in an ongoing, persistent, regular fashion. Seriously.
- The mini-comic itself will be available for anyone who wants one after we get back from New York. There may also be other little doo-dads and goo-gaws with our adorable mugs on them available. You never know if people are going to like doo-dads and goo-gaws. Or our adorable mugs. In the future, we hope to offer our adorable mugs on adorable mugs.. which is to say cute drinking receptacles, not other faces.


april said...

hooorah! in the words of curt's mom: I am so proud of you!

John said...

Adorable. New site's looking hot, too. ;-)

jason quinones said...

you ever been to nyc before?

maybe i'll stop by and see you at mocca as i've not been there in some time. the last time i went there was for the will eisner exhibit.

i'm not a stalker and i haven't killed anybody in like over a year so no worries.

if you have time while you're here you should check out the murakami exhibit at the brooklyn museum ( it should still be showing when you're in town.

chrishaley said...

April - Haha! Thanks!

chrishaley said...

John - Ha! Come on, I said it would be up and walking soon.

chrishaley said...

Jason - Nope, I've never been to New York. I'm both excited and really, really nervous.

Please do stop by and see us. I'm scared we are going to be very lonely with no one to talk to except the plush versions of ourselves. Bring friends maybe.

The Murakami thing is on the long list of possible things we want to check out.
Perhaps you can drop by and let us know about or show us other cool things to do in town even.

M.Sea said...

Looking forward to reading the comic, man.

jason quinones said...

are you exhibiting there for both days?? i'll def try to stop by!!

you might wanna check out the morrison hotel gallery ( it's next door to where cbgb's used to be. cbgb's is now a john varvatos store but they kept the punk look of the original interior. it's weird but i guess worth seeing if you've never been.

the jonathan levine gallery always has cool low brow art on display!

there's also all the comic shops!!

jim hanley's ( is the most accessible as it's right across the street from the empire state building.

midtown comics ( has an amazing 2nd floor of cool statues and toys!