Monday, March 24, 2008

Just a block away..

I don't think even the most ardent supporters of The Simpsons (of which I am one) would argue that the last few seasons have suffered from a decline in quality. I think trying to produce The Simpsons Movie at the same time as the seasons of the show really put a strain on all involved and the show suffered for it.
Having said that, last night's episode, E. Pluribus Wiggum,was a fantastic return to form.
I know it originally aired in January, but I didn't catch it until last night, so it was new to me.
Feel free to enjoy the entire episode courtesy of


jason quinones said...

go to
to check "homer simpson-untooned"

it's freakin' amazing!!!

and yeah, that episode was new for me too and it was surprisingly funny. right up there with the "new comic book store" episode.

chrishaley said...

Haha! Yeah, I actually saw that earlier today and was emailing it around the office.
The Mario one was awesome too. I can't wait to see what he comes up with next.

Adam The Awesome said...

"What I did made the TV thing happened."