Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I mean, that sounds fair..

I saw Phantom Planet last night.
It was great.
Not as great as the last time I saw them, but still great.
Thus ends my review of the show.


april said...

i'm glad that we did indeed end up going.

jason quinones said...

is schartzman still with that band? they're cool but i only got that one old album with him on it. which i think was an amazing album. too bad that catchy california song is now forever assciated with that crappy show.

chrishaley said...

No, he left the band before they finished their last album.
He was on the first two, part of the third one, and not at all on the new one that's coming out in April.

All of their albums so far have been great, so you could do worse than to give them a try.