Thursday, January 03, 2008

I'm going to a town..

Also, and this has nothing to do with anything, but I'm going to try to break 400 posts this year.
I'm not really into the resolutions thing, but I'd like to set this goal for myself.
I also will make the promise to you (the reader) that I will try not to pad it out with bullshit posts like this.

Unless I'm really, really behind come October.


Dylan said...

As someone who tried last year to hit 365 posts in the year, I say unto you: you are crazy.

Also, if the posting thing gets backed up, I can give you this advice: pictures of kittens.

Think about it. Oh, yeah...

chrishaley said...

Dylan - I've written "In Case of Emergency : Pictures of Kittens" on a post it on my desk.

chrishaley said...

PS - I did 366 in 2003, so it can be done.
I thought I might be able to break that this year, but I fell well short.

jason quinones said...

good luck to you on that chris!

how 'bout startin' us off with a list of your favorite comics,music or movies from this year?? i'm sure you've amassed a big collection of all 3!

show them time magazine bastards how it's done!!

and more zombie vs. werewolf please!

and am i the only comic geek alive who doesn't give a shit about scott pilgrim?? am i missing something??

i'm just not into that manga-esqe style or the teen angst/super hero/josie and the pussycats vibe.

maybe i'm wrong. i dunno.

chrishaley said...

Jason - Thanks!
I'm working on some "2007 is over" lists. We'll see what happens. And, of course, as with most things I do, it will be to spite TIME magazine.
See my latest post for a WvZ update.
Yes, you are the only one. And since you seem like good people, I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and say "Give it a chance." instead of "Them's there are fightin' words, varmint!"

Dylan said...


I echo what Chris said: Yes, you are the only one. And that thing you're "missing", it's called a soul.

I kid, I kid.

But seriously, Scott Pilgrim is the rad. If you haven't read it, give the first volume or two a try. If you have tried it, try it again. Maybe this time it'll stick.

And remember, I can beat up more 5-year-olds than you, so you should probably do as I say. (insert picture of me winking all big and ridiculous-like)

jason quinones said...

i actually went to the comic shop at lunch yesterday looking for scott pilgim. i'm lucky enough to work directly across the street from a big one,jim hanley's universe. i gave it a look see,read some pages,but still didn't pick it up. sorry.

if it's as good as you say i'll just wait for the movie to come out,as that seems to be the trend with any comic that's even remotely popular!!

jason quinones said...

i could beat down 18!

dylan claims he can beat 24!

i suspect he's got a height advantage over me.

plus,he's a cheating bastard!

or he possibly knows karate!

Dylan said...

That is no claim. That's a simple fact. Like the fact that if you punch a bear on its nose when it's attacking you you will kill it. For reals.