Sunday, December 30, 2007

Rain rhymes with train..

This list is despicable.


Joel Priddy said...

Care to expand on that? Putting the Black Dossier at #2 is certainly perplexing, but "despicable"made me think this was going to be some Wizard-style crapfest where everything that's wrong with comics was held up as gold. A fair amount of the list was stuff I'd never heard of ("Erfworld?"), but I was actively delighted to see The Principles of Uncertainty show up on someone's end-of-year list.

Actually, what I really want to see is your 2007 list. Show us the path, young man!

Curt Franklin said...

Achewood at #1 made me happy, but Erfworld is pretty terrible.

One thing I like about year end lists is it gives me the opportunity to read about things I've never heard of. I'd like to check out the Principles of Uncertainty, Exit Wounds, and Sentences.

What would you switch around Chris?

chrishaley said...

Joel - Well, I was going to use a different word to describe it but I couldn't remember how to spell the other word, and as is always the case, when I can't remember how to spell a word, I just use a different word. I thought using Daffy Duck's choice of insult would help imply that my distaste for their choices/outrage was a little tongue in cheek.

chrishaley said...

Curt & Joel - The main thing that upset me about this list of "the best graphic novels of 2007" was that so many of the selections were NOT graphic novels.
I love webcomics and those big Peanuts collections as much as the next guy (probably more), but they do not a graphic novel make.
I also did not care for the writer's explanations for any of the choices.

Joel - I always want to do "Best of.." lists, but I often have a hard enough time remembering what books I read this week, much less over the last year. I will give it my best effort though.

chrishaley said...

Oh, also, fuck any "best of" list that doesn't include Scott Pilgrim.

april said...

you should use when you can't remember how to spell something. that's what i do! :)

jason quinones said...

i agree with you 100% chris!

how can WEB COMICS(??) be condsiderd grahpic novels??

FUCK TIME MAGAZINE and their pretentious bullshit lists!

and why can't the mainstream media just say TOP 10 COMICS OF 2007???

because the comic book medium is still primarily considered a "kids" medium and not meant to be taken seriously. they say comics are stupid...but throw them together in a hardcover collection and sell it at barnes and nobles and suddenly you're credible!! the mainstream media does not really acknowledge the fact that dark knight,sin city,300,watchmen and sandman were first floppy little COMIC BOOKS before they became "graphic novels"!

the term "graphic novel" sounds more "adult" thereby making it more acceptable. i remember when these comics collections were just called "trade paperbacks".

now...i'm not anti "graphic novel". i actually prefer them! i'd rather just read a good story in one shot as opposed to stretching it out over several months. i'm just it COMICS and give the medium it's respect!

Dylan said...

"Amen" to the distinct lack of Scott Pilgrim.

That whole list smells like a Snobby Critics List if I've ever read one, which explains the whole pretentious "graphic novel" appellation given to the list.

Plus, it's Time magazine, what do you expect? I'm surprised they've even heard of graphic novels up there.

Dylan said...

Also, I need your address so I can get this mixtape in the mail. E-mail it to me at and it will be in the sweaty, shaking hands of the USPS, ASAP.

Zach said...

A web comic, and graphic novel that's over half prose, and a bad joke from Marvel that got out of hand make up 3 of the top 5.

I think that's all that really needs to be said about this list and the people behind it.

chrishaley said...

Zach - Exactly.