Friday, July 06, 2007

You're runnin' away!

Speaking of The Flash, as I was two posts back,
Tom Foss has got a great write up on Bart Allen's death as well as a great way to bring him back.
Nice job, Tom.


Lighthouse Pilot said...

Oh my God...the anatomy on this flash is horrible. His left leg is planted, but the only part of his left leg that looks like it belongs on the left side is his foot. That's clearly the outside of a foot, but the calf and thigh muscles are constructed as if they should be on the right side. How someone gets this far I don't understand.

Sorry. That just bothers me.

Cody the cannibal said...

Yeah! I thought maybe the FLash's foot struck thr ground with so much force his muscle may wobble and ripple a bit with each step, but besides that possibiliy it does look a tad wonky.