Tuesday, July 03, 2007

In the news...

Does this make anyone else crazy?
I mean, is it just me?
I'm not saying that what this guy did necessarily did or didn't deserve a lengthy penetentiary vacation, I'm just saying can't someone call fucking "shenanigans" on the Dubya yet?
I mean, come on.

Sorry, I'll try to get back to talking about comics shortly.

Jon Morris has a great post about it up as well.

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Joel Priddy said...

NPR Fun Fact: the American public didn't care about Watergate until it came out that Nixon had cheated on his taxes. That is, we were willing to give him a pass on what seemed like obscure inside-the-beltway scandals until he did something that people who didn't care about following the news could understand as basically dishonest.

Bush was totally within his legal rights to commute this sentence, but it's such a basic, unethical act of croney-protection, I wonder: will this be the tipping point?

Probably not, but it makes me feel hopeful that W. will tumble over whatever his personal political fulcrum happens to be before he bombs Iran and just completely screws the family dog.