Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I never wanted it to end.

DC Direct Jack Kirby's New Gods!
You can't tell me this is anything other than the greatest thing you've ever seen.
No exaggeration, I will probably buy a case of these.
I'll have a set for work, a set for the car, a set for the living room, and a set for the bathtub.
I'm already imagining the second wave which, in my perfect world, would be made up of :
Big Barda (Full Armor), Kalibak, Highfather, Mantis, and a Parademon.
This of course leads to the third wave :
Big Barda (let's call it her alternate costume), Metron, Forager, Desaad, and Steppenwolf.
Anyone agree or disagree with my character choices?
Ok, DC Direct, let's get started.


Joel Priddy said...

I dig the bare-faced Orion the most!

chrishaley said...

For some reason that surprises me not even a little.