Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Climbing the walls.

This just in, Nintendo > Sony.
Noted commentator Chris Haley was quoted as telling Sony to, "Suck it."


josh said...

as big of a sony supporter as i am, i have to agree with you when it comes to game systems. the wii is without question one of the best gaming systems to ever have existed on this world or any others.

sony (and microsoft, for that matter) really need to get their acts together and start working at publishing quality games again and not worrying about how much crap they can shove into one system, which, when done, usually outprices their respective systems.

nintendo was smart. sony and microsoft weren't.

i guess whenever i want to play the new metal gear solid game or the new final fantasy game, i'll just have to wait until the PS3 drops to an affordable price, or i'll steal one.

but i live in an apartment with a wii, so i'm not jonesing too bad.

chrishaley said...

Not only does shoving too much in one system make the price too high, it also adds things that can freak out or break down.

As far as MSG goes, don't forget Snake is going to be in Super Smash Bros. for the Wii.
And, as far as FF goes, Square's working on several FF titles for the Wii and DS.. so... I mean, you've got that stuff too.

Plus, there's this WiiFit game coming out with this boogie board thing you stand on. Have you seen it?

josh said...

oooooh, i'm soooo excited to get my out-of-shape ass on a WiiFit! i don't even own the Wii in our apartment, but i might spend money on that thing if my roommate doesn't.