Friday, May 02, 2003

Current Music Quote: " can't argue with popularity, well you could, but you'd be wrong" - Robbie Williams, "World's Most Handsome Man"
I know the Angry One has already said as much, but Mr. Williams' new album (Escapology) is really, really good. It's all totally solid musically and it's sharp as hell and clever to boot verbally.

Now for what Corey would call a Chris Haley Weather Report: Still feel pretty worthless and lousy as far as the illness goes. Had to miss band practice tonight which totally hacked me off. I was really looking forward to practicing again, but apparently germs and viruses had other plans for my week. I'm supposed to work Friday night, and I'm really hoping I'm able to get well in a hurry so I don't have to call in again. I hate missing work. I mean, I don't hate not being at work, but I hate missing work because I'm sick, because I know they never believe me. They always think I'm faking. That's what I'm afraid of anyway.
I also drew this at the doctor's office.

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