Saturday, August 10, 2002

For those of you that didn't get to make it to the San Diego Comicon this year, but would have liked to, here's a nice rundown of all the cool (and lame) toys that were on display this year.

Speaking of rundowns, it's time for me to start with my promised re-telling of some of the antics from my recent trip to Florida. First up on the agenda is a little bit of business that I'm going to give a brief set-up. I had a yellow legal pad with me in the car, and as we were driving down, Danny said something really funny and I said "Holy crap, you've got to write that down." So for the rest of the trip anytime something funny would be said or a funny town or business was seen, Danny would write it down. So here are some of the highlights...
From Noon to 5 AM it's ballz out for Krystal!
The Frankin F'in' Mint: We know you want this Monopoly board with gold pieces and this knife with a painting on it.
(as we were in or approaching Birmingham) I don't give a Birmingdamn.
Carol's Act of Faith Hair Care
Sneaky Pete's
Mr. Bottle Shoppe
Gay Week's Flowers
(as a Volvo big rig passed us) Danny: I want a Volvo Big Rig. He's probably got a kitchen in there.
Godfather's Pizza
(after seeing a sign proclaiming the Ultimate BLT was available at Arby's) Danny: I've searched the seven seas, for the Ultimate BLT.
(as we were entering Atlanta) Danny: We comin' up into Hotlanta, straight out of Pimpfis, TN.
(to the tune of Big Pimpin') Q-Tippin' I be cleanin' wax, Q-Tippin' I be playin' my sax
Danny: I'm the Coleslaw king of Sea World
Splendid China Theme Park
Vote for Dr. Karve
Big Rascal Pit Bar-B-Q

More to come...

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