Wednesday, July 24, 2002

"So take me in your arms again, meet me in my dreams again, so, what is it worth, I'll sell my soul, what is it worth, only you know..." - Ash, "A Life Less Ordinary" (I mean come on!! How awesome is that?! What else do you people need?)

Since I know he (along with the rest of you) will be reading this I just wanted to say that it was a pleasure finally meeting Jim last night... even if "cancer" doesn't start with an (Andrew W.) "K."

I rather like the new background in the "Pictures" section. There's also a pretty cool new Spider-Man picture up today.
And now a mess of other cool comic pictures: The Punisher, Ultimate Iron-Man, Mr. Fantastic, Batman, Supergirl(s), the World's Finest, the JLA, The Thundercats, Tom Strong as well as a cool gorilla.

Take the
Which Christian Bale character are you?

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