Tuesday, July 23, 2002

I know this could very well change at some point in the future, but for the moment I'd just like all of you to know that if I should die before I have a chance to say other wise I'd like for my tombstone to say, "I Got Wet Without Even Trying." In a cool but dignified font if possible. So yeah, if I die anytime soon or before I've said I want something else instead be sure to tell whoever is making my tombstone arrangements.

In other news, flying dinosaurs terrify me. Also, good for BMF Samuel L. Jackson. I liked him before, but now it's even more.

If you're in the mood to hear something good you'd probably never hear otherwise you can click here to listen to "My Way" by Butch Walker (the former frontman of Marvelous 3) from his new album, Left of Self-Centered.

I just saw that Jimmy Neutron movie tonight, and it was pretty funny and pretty good at the same time... if such a thing is possible... and it is.
"I may be small, but I've got a big brain!" - Jimmy Neutron

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