Wednesday, April 24, 2002

Seanbaby is back to save us from ourselves! Off you go now.
(In case you were thinking of not checking Seanababy's article out, here's a quote from it: If you can sue someone to put a missile on things you don't want destroyed, I hope you're ready for me to ride a bike that launches heat-seeking rockets and eat out of a lunch box that can shoot down helicopters. If all goes well, I'll have also sued to include hover jets and a sno-cone maker. You see, by believing in yourself and trusting in the system, stupid lawsuits just might lead to a paradise of snack-dispensing, rocket-launching vehicles after all.)

"Padawan tested, Master approved." - Matt (or Mattmattmatt as you may know him) on the new Star Wars cereal

I've begun the process of talking with the kids from the band Miles From Somewhere about becoming their new singer. Notice, I said "begun" because nothing has really taken place yet other than me saying, "Someone told me you guys were looking for a new singer and that I should give you a call." and one of them saying "Cool, I can't talk now because I'm studying for a final, but we'll talk more this weekend." That's really about the extent of it, but maybe something cool will come of it. Never hurts to be in another band.. just ask Blink 182's drummer.

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