Tuesday, January 20, 2009

She could not lie..

I've been doing this blog thing for something like 7+ years now (suck it Sims and your meager four years*), and as such, I know that blogging about how you have nothing to blog about is unpardonable sin #1.
The lack of content around here has been due to me not really having much to say about anything.
It happens.
Today changed that though.
Not the Kanye/Obama video. I had that set to post like a week ago.
No, today I was given something to blog about because two police officers (as best as I can guess) thought it would be funny to make me late getting back from my lunch break by pulling me over (with lights and sirens and everything) and then driving off.
I can only assume they were high-fiving and giggling as the pulled away.
Oh, did I mention that I hadn't been doing anything wrong?
I was actually going a few miles under the speed limit.
Anyway, it gave me a good excuse to post that picture though.

*= This is a joke, because I love The ISB.

1 comment:

Dylan said...

When you say "my lunch break" do you really mean "knocking over a few liquor stores and starting some hobos on fire"? Because that may have been why they pulled you over.