Thursday, December 11, 2008

For one last time..

Comic Reviews in Under a Minute!

Action Comics #872
New Krypton - Part 7 : Brainiac Lives
Writer - Geoff Johns
Artist - Pete Woods

Wha happa?
Superman gets mad when his wacky, just-got-here-from-out-of-town relatives kill people.
Zod's troops are dicks.
There is a group of "military monsters".
Metallo is back with a goofy new outfit!
Metallo and Reactron are KBF (Kryptonite Buddies Forever)!
Brainiac is so naked and Lex spends all his time staring at and/or touching him. (A whole new take on the old Luthor/Brainiac team-up.)
This happens..

There is some fighting.
Something bad happens. (No spoilers here, folks.)

And the verdict is?
Great issue! Check it out!

UPDATE! - This was my 2,001st post.

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