Wednesday, October 15, 2008

She goes all the way..

Freddie Mercury Gets It Together!
The full picture is over at Let's Be Friends Again.
Another in my series of Freddie Mercury sketches for people from Curt and I's convention appearances.

This one was actually drawn for Bryan Lee O'Malley and given to him at HeroesCon.. and while it is important to note that he did not request this sketch (or any sketch from me at all) he didn't throw it away (while I was standing there).
This leads me to believe he loved it.
That is the train of logic I have chosen to ride upon.
This "crazy train" is also bolstered by my previous intimation that I am in the personal possession of the two greatest images Mr. O'Malley has ever drawn.
I am saving those for tomorrow though.


Curt Franklin said...

wow, intimation. did darkseid 'intimate' something about cosmic boy on the Legion cartoon this week?

chrishaley said...

Well, first of all Darkseid never appeared on the Legion cartoon.

chrishaley said...

Second of all, fuck you.