Thursday, October 16, 2008

Code monkey have every reason..

Okay, so, I could not stop laughing when I saw this.
This picture is hilarious to me.

Something being gay, by which I mean literally homosexual, is not funny.
Something being unintentionally gay, on the other hand, I think can be very funny.
This photograph is the latter.
I mean, if I can paraphrase Meatwad they definitely look like boyfriend and boyfriend.
And for some reason that is making me giggle.
There's something about how they look more airbrushed/Photoshopped than Britney Spears' last album cover... like, JJ Abrams or Entertainment Weekly wanted so badly for you to think the two of them were very, very pretty.
Spock looks like a Precious Moments statue and Kirk looks fresh off the set of Dawson's Creek.

It is important for me to explain that this is only funny if it is not the intention of the filmmakers/magazine editors.
It is my assumption that Kirk and Spock are not gay, much less lovers in the new Star Trek movie.
That is why it is funny to me.
If Kirk and Spock ARE gay and/or lovers in the new Star Trek movie, this photo is no longer funny... it is now COMPLETELY AWESOME!

"What do you mean?" I hear you ask your monitor.
What I mean is that I really don't give a rip about Star Trek, and if Kirk and Spock are gay in this new movie I am way more excited about seeing it.
I know that's probably not the case, but if it is I'm going to get in line for tickets now.
I know that that would probably really upset the Trekkers.. Trekkies?.. Star Trek fans, just as much as it would have upset me if in JJ Abrams' script for a new Superman movie (pre-Superman Returns) he had made Superman gay, but since I don't care about Star Trek I don't care about that.
I guess I'm a bad person.
Anyway, for more on the new Star Trek movie check out all this business over here.


jason quinones said...

i like how on the cover their nipples touch.

Rebecca said...

Damn I was about to leave a comment asking if their nipples were touching but someone beat me to it. That is a hilarious picture though, and the fact that you said it made you giggle makes me giggle because I can't actually picture you giggling.