Tuesday, May 20, 2008

You're running out of life..

DBTheMovie.com has our first look at Justin Chatwin as Goku as well as a shot of Emily Rossum as Bulma and some translations.
Stranger things have happened, I guess.
I trust Stephen Chow though.
Not really related, but this guy was Bryan Lee O'Malley's pick for Scott Pilgrim and I'm still inclined to think he'd be a much better choice than Michael Cera.


M.Sea said...

I REALLY don't know about this one, man. I'm hoping for the best.

Bryan Lee O'Malley said...

"...this guy was Bryan Lee O'Malley's pick for Scott Pilgrim..."

UNTRUE! Never wanted this guy anywhere near my movie. Don't know where you got that idea.

chrishaley said...

While there is no way in the world Bryan Lee O'Malley stopped by my blog, I will humor this comment (that someone went to the trouble of leaving) and say that I vividly recall (and am now wasting precious comicking time trying to find) Mal saying on his LJ that he had notions of "the kid from War of the Worlds" as Scott Pilgrim.
This very well may have predated there actually being talk of a film.. I don't specifically recall.

I will say that there is the slimmest of chances that someone else in the comment thread suggested this and I mistakenly thought Mal had been the one to say it, but I'm almost certain that Mal actually being the one to say it is what made me remember Justin Chatwin's name every time the topic of a SP movie came up.

Bryan Lee O'Malley said...

It wasn't me, dude, it was Corey Lewis. He kept yammering on about it, so maybe the clouds of time have made it seem like a lot of people were talking about it, including me.

And I really am me. I dunno why my blogger profile is so blank. I guess I haven't used blogger in a while.

Dylan said...

LULZ! The Chris Haley got served by the REAL Bryan Lee O'Malley! Oh snap!

Also, this looks like the most emo movie ever. Is he going to cry? "... It's just, so ... beautiful ... [sniff, sniff] "

Then again, I hate everything, so maybe I'm not the best judge.

chrishaley said...

Dylan - PART 1 : That was way too polite to be a "serving". He'd have had to have ended it with "Snap!" or "Bitch!" or "Bitchezzz!" or something of that nature.

Also, I still can't believe that THE Bryan Lee O'Malley would be at my blog for some reason. I mean, mostly because if it were true my head would probably implode from honored-ness.
Unless he'd stopped by because someone had told him how much I sucked.

Now I'm going to be trying to imagine what reason Mal would have had to come by or stumble across my blog.

chrishaley said...

Dylan - Part 2 : At first I didn't realize you were talking about the DragonBall movie, and I was like, "Dude! There's a slim chance Bryan Lee O'Malley is reading this! Don't talk bad about his movie here! He might have his goons kill me!"

Bryan Lee O'Malley said...

You keep talking about me and I keep googling myself. It's unavoidable. Anyway, I only chimed in cause I don't want anyone to pick that up as a weird false rumor. It ain't true.

(here's the link to Corey Lewis bringing it up: http://destroyerzooey.livejournal.com/90060.html?thread=918732#t918732)

Dylan said...

Whatevz, Haley. You. Got. Served. Politely, yes, but served nonetheless.

(I should point out that I have no idea what it means to get "served." Does it have something to do with badminton? And what is a "shuttlecock"? Sounds *sexy*.)

And the Scott Pilgrim movie will most likely rock. And I'm not just saying that out of fear of O'Malley's goons (BTW, awesome band name, that. "Dude, I saw O'Malleys Goons open up for EmoBallZ and they tore the roof off the mutha! They rocked so much harder that Star Trek Fortnight."), but also out of fear of O'Malley's goons.

I heard he's got the kind of goons that only Oni money can buy. Real Delta Force stuff. Somebody once told their friend that Barry Ween "sort of sucked" and they NEVER FOUND HIS HEAD!

True story.*

Also, O'Malley, my mom told that if you keep "googling yourself," you will go blind. True story.**

(*Not a true story.)

(**Also not true.)