Thursday, May 22, 2008

We were profoundly surprised..

I can't decide what's worse, American Idol or the people who watch American Idol and find it necessary to talk about it the next morning.


jason quinones said...

they both suck equally hard!

that show,it's jugdes,viewers and especially contestants should DIE immediately and painfully. sorta like a jonestown thing if at all possible.

Dylan said...

I've watched more this season that I ever had, mainly because there's nothing else on on Tuesdays besides Reaper and I'm too lazy to change it. And while I hate the music, the contestants and the ridiculous spectacle of it all, I will say this: Simon is dead right 99.9% of the time.

John said...

The answer is "C."

Dancing With The Stars and its fans are worse.

M.Sea said...

I watched maybe a third of two episodes. I have nothing wrong with performances, I just don't like the whole "next big superstar" tag. They're just creating more artists who start out doing big numbers but fade over time and leave the machine as a shell of their former selves.