Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Can you see that guys cubicle..

Damn that girl can't ever hurt you enough.

I know this one is going to be a big stretch, but does anyone have/have access to the music song "American Girls" by the band Homie?
The song appeared on the soundtrack to the "movie" Meet the Deedles if that helps jog anyone's memory.


John said...

Found via Hype Machine


chrishaley said...

John - Thanks..
1) For hipping me to Hype Machine.
2) For making the effort. Genuinely appreciated.
Unfortunately, all the pages that have had that tune up at some point no longer have it.

Nancy Caroline said...

I have no help for you, but...I would like to play cow-bell hero more than anything right now.

chrishaley said...

Nancy Caroline - I have no problem imagining you being very good at it.