Wednesday, March 05, 2008

It's gotta go..

I think anyone who's even casually visited this blog knows that I think comics are awesome.
The thing is though, sometimes they are not.

All-Star Batman & Robin, The Boy Wonder #9
This comic used to just be horrible.

Now, it's utterly reprehensible.
If you haven't read it, and don't know what's going on there, that's "the goddamn" Batman (TGB) beating the shit out of Robin.
Robin (whom I don't mind reminding you and Frank Miller) is a 12 year old little boy.
It was one thing when they were just having TGB be a jerk to Robin and a total asshole to everyone else, but this really crosses a line.
Between this and what Frank Miller thinks passes for gender relations (the scenes between Wonder Woman and the male JLA-ers, TGB and Black Canary's make-out session, etc.) this comic is an abomination and a blight on the comics industry.
This issue really makes me wish Curt and I had followed through on our plans to find Frank Miller at Comic-Con and punch him in the face.
It would have also been nice to have called him a "little snot" while doing it.


Dylan said...

Wow. Just... wow. Y'know what we need? We need a comic, written by Miller and pencilled by John Byrne titled, We Should Really Have Quit This Years Ago. If Miller Gets behind on the scripts, Claremont can fill in.

John said...

Why are you still reading that trash? The Dark Knight Strikes Again was horrendous.

I tried the first issue of All Star Batman since All Star Superman was so fresh. Well, All Star Batman 1 was godawful. Almost like he was daring anyone to buy another book.

(I'm no fan of Jim Lee's, either.)

jason quinones said...

i'm pretty much the biggest miller fan you'll ever meet and even i think this series is beyond retarded.
like john said, miller's been mailing it in since DK2,which was an ABOMINATION!

we get it frank,you're a tough guy. now go drink your mylanta and relax!

chrishaley said...

Dylan - Wow. Brilliant.
The scary thing is that book would probably sell really well.
I don't know who it would sell too, but I know it would.

chrishaley said...

John - I still flip through ASBARTBW whenever it comes out, because I feel like I owe it to all the comics that are good to never forget how awful things can be.
I continue to stand by my previous statement that All Star Superman and ASBAR are somehow linked in that however incredibly wonderful and glorious Superman is, ASBAR must be equally, but inversely awful and vile.
But the good news is that it also works the other way, so when a godawful issue of ASBAR comes out, we know the next issue of All Star Superman is going to be that much more super.

chrishaley said...

Jason - Haha!
Man, you said it.
I remember when DK2 came out I couldn't even wrap my head around what was happening. And I don't mean that the story was incomprehensible (though there might be a case to be made for that), I mean I couldn't understand how that comic had been allowed to come out. Or how Frank Miller (who up to that point I thought was pretty much infallible) could have allowed his name to appear on the comic, much less to have made it.

jason quinones said...

and DK2 wasn't even completely miller's fault even though the story and sequential art was beyond weak and it looked like it was inked with a mop!

lynn varley's usually excellent coloring was god awful! the entire DK2 series looked like it was colored up during a 3 hour "intro to photoshop" class!!

dc was simply banking on the fact that it would sell simply because it was a sequel to dark knight returns.

april said...

child abuse, anti-feminism--what are you guys talking about?! i love this guy! you're all just a bunch of stinky, lying sperm-banks! it's no wonder you can't recognize great writing. guh.