Friday, March 07, 2008

All I ever wanted..

Again with the Comics has put up an excellent explanation of why I don't give a shit about the X-Men anymore. I don't think Brian intended to explain how I felt, it is my understanding that he's explaining his own feelings. Fortunately for me though, I couldn't have written my mind any better. He has my thanks for saving me some work.


John said...

Once every six months or so I pick up an X title. How does even Brubaker manage to turn out such garbage?

chrishaley said...

Good question.

Dylan said...

Ready for more comics pissery?

For all it's missteps, Marvel is sure doing one thing right: making me want to never read any of its comics ever again. With the exception of Iron Fist, Defenders and Guardians Of the Galaxy, I have yet to be excited about anything over at the House Of Recycled Ideas since Nextwave was smothered to death by crossover ridiculousness.

There. I feel better.

chrishaley said...

Dylan - I think you know I ALWAYS welcome your comics pissery.

I dunno, man, you listed 3 books you're excited about. That's enough to be considered a loyal Marvel zombie.