Monday, March 17, 2008

I don't know what I'm to say..

Happy Valentine's Day!
Oh, I'm sorry, Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Enjoy it with this trivia sketch of my favorite loveable green monster.


Dylan said...

Oh, now I get it. The Hulk is green and it's St. Patrick's Day!

Do you think Bruce Banner tried to stay pissed off all day so he doesn't get pinched?

Also, did you see that Corey "Reyyy" Lewis, he of the Sharknife-ery is looking for a colorist for a pretty sweet-looking project?

Because he is.

chrishaley said...

I figure he tried to stay drunk all day.

I did see that... and if I run into any colorist, I'll be sure to let them know. I'm really down on my own coloring skills, especially as awesome/crazy as his are. I can't imagine I could come up with something good enough for him... but I guess I won't know unless I try.

thomas said...

That is a-freakin'-dorable.