Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Human again..

I don't know if the show's going to be any good, mostly because most of Marvel's cartoons since the 90s (some would argue it goes back further than that) have been awful, but for the moment, I will say this promotional art for the new Iron Man cartoon looks very slick.


M.Sea said...

So, you didn't like the 90s X-men cartoon or Spider-Man? I liked those, but I can see the flaws. The less said about that 90s Iron Man cartoon, the better. I thought that the second season of Fantastic Four (90's era) was tight. I just hope that I have Nicktoons, that's the station that this is supposed to be on. Also, the new Spider-Man cartoon is pretty cool as well.

chrishaley said...

M. - I certainly loved X-Men and Spider-Man when they were on, but going back and watching them the quality of the writing and the animation just really doesn't hold up. Especially if you match them up against the quality levels of the Warner Bros. DC animated shows that were on at the same time. Of course, that doesn't mean that I wouldn't buy them on DVD if they ever get released as season sets. Honestly, no matter how bad any of those shows are, I still don't mind watching them, but I have no problem admitting all the places they're flawed.
I haven't gotten to see the new Spidey cartoon yet, but it looks cool so I'm looking forward to watching it.

Josh said...

Here's some information on a Scott Pilgrim movie that I thought you'd find interesting if you haven't already seen it:


chrishaley said...

Josh - Ack! No!