Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Name your price!

I just got in from Trivia Night at The P&H.

Guess which team won.

That's right.
On our first outing.


Joel Priddy said...

Heartiest of congratulations! It's a fine thing to sit in a bar all evening, and then have your beer tab go away. What question were you proudest of getting?

april said...

i still can't believe lauren remembered "tittle" at the last minute.

chrishaley said...

Joel - That's an excellent question.. I'd say I was more proud of knowing almost all of the identify the picture round on my own.
I was also excited to hear the Superman theme during the Name That Tune round.

chrishaley said...

Joel - Oh, wait!
No, I was proudest of remembering the name of Pete's Dragon when April showed up and inspired me to remember the answer!

april said...

it was like magic!