Monday, November 26, 2007

I did not mean to blow your mind..

I'm sure we've already discussed this, but if you're ever given a chance to be granted the wish of becoming any fictional character can we all agree you must (read : must) choose Bugs Bunny?

I don't think I really need to go into why, but I will.
1) You can't beat him. You may be able to get the better of him momentarily, but in the end he's always going to win. It's always going to be Duck Season if you try to stick it to Bugs.
2) a. He's funny.
b. He's a dick. Which means not only is he going to win in the end, he's going to make fun of you and make you look like a total ass in the process.
3) Unlike Batman, Han Solo, Indiana Jones, Freddie Mercury, and whatever other badass fictional character you're thinking of, he's never going to die.
4) He looks surprisingly hot in drag. This will come in handy a lot more often than you might think.
5) He doesn't take himself too seriously.
6) He's a stinker.
7) This is my final thought on the matter (though I know I'm leaving lots of good reasons out) and I think it sums up why he's the only choice. He basically believes in three things : Carrots, sticking up for the little guy, and fucking with people. I do not believe it gets much better than that.


april said...

this (with the exception of the indian "thriller" which, frankly, you had nothing to do with besides linking to it) is your best post in a while.

bugs bunny for president!

Sean George said...

Really? I pictured you more a Buster Bunny guy myself.

chrishaley said...

Oh, Sean, you are ever a delight.. though I don't know if you were saying that in a snarky way.
Regardless, I enjoyed your comment... I also enjoyed Buster's snazzy red shirt. I'm not completely unconvinced that the Tiny Toons shouldn't make a comeback music video for a Hives song.

Nathan said...

Is this the bugs bunny with, or without the light saber?

chrishaley said...

Nathan - With. I cannot be emphatic enough on this point.