Wednesday, November 28, 2007

As you can see..

Spidey Yikes!
Inking and coloring a picture completely takes the fun out of drawing for me.
I'm not particularly good at either and so I always end up with these "finshed" pieces that I know could be better if more talented individuals handled those other two aspects.
Coloring especially.
Also, I never feel like I can get anything to scan and look anything like it looks on paper.

I sincerely wish I knew how real artists do it.


april said...

you should let me color stuff! i mean, i'm not any better than you, but i enjoy it :)

spidey looks so worried about his spidey-sense!

josh said...

Before I read your post, I was gonna leave a comment that read "Awesome pic, bro!"

Well, maybe not exactly like that, but that would've been the general gist of it.

It's a good picture.


chrishaley said...

April - By all means, feel free to color away.

chrishaley said...

Josh - Thanks.