Saturday, October 06, 2007

Have I crossed the line?

Curt got me this in San Diego (when we were at Comic-Con) fulfilling my childhood dream of owning the Super Powers Justice Jogger.
If you click on this photo, I've written some notes on it on the Flickr page.
For those of you unfamiliar with Flickr, all you have to do is hover your cursor over the picture and little squares will appear over certain parts of the image.
Those squares then have little text bubbles that pop-up when you hover your cursor over them.
I'm sure you're all familiar with Flickr, but on the off chance someone isn't, I'd hate to make them feel left out.


Sean George said...

What the hell? Can't Supes fly? Why does he need a machine to run for him? Merchandising opportunites be damned. Kal-El is just lazy.

Joel Priddy said...

"Overland Villain Chaser?" How long did they spend writing the copy for this package? Howsabout "All-Terrain Pursuit Vehicle," or "Bipedal Interceptor," or even "Krypotnian Battle Barcalounger/Hair-Dryer?"

I love the little detail of Superman's cape tucked under his butt.

chrishaley said...

Joel - I was going to try to reply to your comment, but I keep re-reading it, and it just keeps making me laugh.

flameape said...

this is basically the super-hero equivalent of one of those elder-scooters!
ELDERLY SUPERMAN: "without my 'justice jogger', my quality of life wouldn't be as wonderful! i can chase crooks, go to the pharmacy and even keep up with mt grandkids! PLUS- there's the built in potty!"