Monday, October 08, 2007

Get moving..

So, I don't know if I've ever mentioned this on here before, but as you might have been able to discern on your own, I often have a hard time deciding between multiple versions of the same drawing.
Take this happy little Superman for example.
Happy Little Superman Happy Little Superman Version 2
Same picture essentially, but I cannot for the life of me decide which one I prefer.
As always, click on them to view them full-sized and if you have a preference, I'm happy to hear it.


josh said...

i'm gonna throw my hat in the ring for Version 2. to me, it's showing superman enjoying using his powers. sure, he's flying in the first one, but in the second one, he's flying REALLY fast! but because he's smiling, you can tell he's just doing it for fun.

Joel Priddy said...

I'm for the floating Superman. He looks so peaceful.

Adam The Awesome said...

I'll go for version one. If this were an anime, you wouldn't have to choose.

Anonymous said...

Sean and I need your help. Send me an email, and I'll explain.